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As Recklesley and the rest of humanity celebrates the transition of Daniel Radcliffe (and his alter ego Harry Potter) from boyhood to stud muffin, a select group of honest and brave academics are taking up the story that the mainstream media chooses not to cover, and JK Rowling’s naive readers do not wish to hear. Much like the brave Xenophilius Lovegood, Tison Pugh and David L. Wallace are breaking the story which may well save our lives in their article, “Heteronormative Heroism and Queering the School Story in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series.” Although Pugh and Wallace find many admirable things to say about the Harry Potter series, such as the post-feminist landscape the book conjures for young children, they also worry about Harry’s tendency to fall back on heteronormative ideals of heroism. In case you didn’t attend a crazy liberal undergraduate institution, this basically means every time Harry wants to be strong and ditch Hermione and Ron to pursue Voldemort, he is breaking with the thematic structure of the book that celebrates difference and aberration to return to his caveman roots. This has severe implications:

“The danger of heteronormative heroism in the Harry Potter books is that it potentially reinscribes the problematic heterosexual/homosexual binary that critics such as Michel Foucault, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, and Jonathan Ned Katz identify as both policing desires and the identities constructed around those desires. This binary serves not only to stigmatize homosexuality and other expressions of sexual queerness; it also contributes to a concept of masculinity that marginalizes women and narrows the range of socially acceptable behaviors for men in ways that work to the detriment of all humanity.”

For those still in the dark about what this actually means, and what tangible impact it can have on your life, Eve Sedgwick makes the argument simpler, “Finally, this attempt to write a pure space where sexual deviancy does not exist will always result in a universal omnicide.”

Your scar going to get us out of this, Harry?


Speaking of jerks, the free market isn’t helping things either.

The elevation of the family to ideological preeminence guarantees that a capitalist society will reproduce not just children, but heterosexism and homophobia.”

– John D’Emilio

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I know you all are, like me, positively crapping yourselves in anticipation of the new Harry Potter book that’s coming out this Saturday. Will Harry live? Is Snape good or evil? Will Hermione finally get pregnant? These are all questions for which I am eagerly awaiting answers. I am actually, literally plotzing.

Happily, 99% of New York and the rest of the world is quietly freaking out with me. For instance, NY Magazine hasn’t been able to shut up about the new book, while the New York Times has been going back and forth with its possible spoiler coverage. For all you soulless fucks out there who don’t care about HP, at least you can take solace in the fact that all major media coverage is not on Paris Hilton this week.

In case anyone is wondering where a decent, liberal Brooklynite can pre-order her copy and attend a fabulous release party for 11-year-old geeks, I would suggest BookCourt on Court Street in Carroll Gardens. The party begins at 11:30pm on Friday night and will presumably continue until every child, up for hours after their bedtimes, starts crying and demanding juicy. As a grown-up (who finds it alarmingly difficult to stay up late), I’ll probably go pick my copy up on Saturday morning and then hide in a soundproof room for the next 24 hours, so I can finish the 800 page book with no interruptions. I like to hook up a dialysis machine for these occasions as well.

You’re my hero.

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After scrolling past the NYT piece titled “Why didn’t the JFK Plot Make the Front Page?” I came upon a tantilizing item called “Man Tries to Jump Into Popemobile.”


Papacy rolls this deep.


How can I be a cowboy and a Nazi Youth?

But don’t worry, Benedicty is OK. NY Times reports that the man, wearing a pink t-shirt, did not want to hurt the Pope but only wanted to draw attention to himself. And Ratzy kept on keepin on.

From his perch on the jeep, the pope waves and blesses the crowd, and occasionally will bless a baby handed up to him by a security guard.

But really, who wouldn’t feel safe when you’re guarded by this guy?


Zee swees gaard iz zo tuff.

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Reck’, John’,

There is one Hero, or should I say anti-hero who is the most emo of them all. He is Sylar. The Hemo-ist Hemo in Hemoville (Brooklyn).


The proof:

1) Black rimmed glasses? Check.
2) Black hair, side part? Check.
3) Forlorn look? Check.

3a) Forlorn look often a result of being incapacitated due to drug induced paralysis? Check.
4) 5 O’clock shadow? Check.
5) Long sleeved Waffle undershirt with a black band t-shirt accentuating his slim physique? Check.

6) Anti-establishment / sociopath? Check.

Sylar is bad ass and has EMO written all over him. Not only does he eat brains, he is also a momma’s boy (and what emo boi hasn’t written a song about, or secretly dreamed about going all Norman Bates on his mother?).


If this anti-hero, or all aforementioned heroes for that matter aren’t emo, then prepubescent Conor Oberst didn’t look like Harry Potter in his first year at Hogwarts. There, I said it.



By Guest Blogger, H.

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