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Recklesley: uh, ghosts? pirates? candy
come on people

me: yeah. pirates cost money.
they’re used to whole treasure chests of gold dublooms

Recklesley: what the ef are you talking about?

me: that word
that means gold coins

Recklesley: what kind of pirate are you?

me: that sounds like all those words i just typed
what is that word?

Recklesley: i have no idea

me: ok
well, to answer your question, i’m a fucking righteous pirate

Recklesley: i think you’re filled with lies and deceit

me: like a pirate

Recklesley: yar

what if i totally lost my shit and came to work dressed like a pirate?

that might make me feel better

Recklesley: that would be totally fine i think
really get your point across
regarding swashbuckling

me: MEMO
to: all staff
from: longbeard pizappas

RE: swashbuckling

text: YARRR, motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!

Recklesley: that seems to make a clear point

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