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Happy Hangover Day

Or, how quickly this:

turns into this:

Please stop poking your finger into my brain.

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That’s That

Today, the news came that the hypothetical price of crude oil has finally hit $100 per barrel. This spring, we’ll likely see gas prices at $4 per gallon. It’s completely redonkulous.

So Red Staters and Blue Staters alike (do we still have those?), climb down off your high horses (a.k.a. SUVs) and move to New York City. Sell your car. You won’t need it here. Enjoy the fact that your apartment is partially heated by your neighbor’s apartment and we all have lower heat bills. Take a spin on our newly color-coded bike lanes. Rest peacefully knowing that New Yorkers produce only a third of the carbon pollution that their fellow Americans produce.

Trade your car for a bike and a Metrocard and join the city where it is possible to curb your gas consumption to a reasonable amount.

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