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My very favorite bartender at Floyd invited the fine readers of Brooklyn Skeptic to come see her monthly improv and sketch comedy show, The Fun Dip Variety Hour. Extra fabulousness courtesy of special guest, Mike Dobbins. Though I cannot guarantee it, there is a possibility that Fun Dip, the candy, will make an appearance at the show.

Wednesday, July 25
8:00 PM
Magnetic Field
97 Atlantic Avenue, between Henry and Hicks

And it’s free. Do it.

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Before this blog morphs into Bocce Enthusiast Weekly, I figured I’d just do a quick post about where to find all the public bocce courts in Brooklyn. Sadly, Prospect Park, which literally has every other type of amusement has no court. But where Prospect Park fails us, Bay Ridge rises up! That neighborhood has more bocce courts than I can even handle. Well done, Bay Ridge.

Places to play in Brooklyn – totally free and all ages! The neighborhoods are my approximation, so if you know I’ve labeled one wrong, let me know so I can fix it.

Bridge Park – Brooklyn Heights
Carroll Park – Carroll Gardens
Maria Hernandez Park – Bushwick
JJ Byrne Park – Bay Ridge
Dyker Park – Bay Ridge
Bath Beach Playground – Bay Ridge
Gravesend Park – Borough Park
Drier-Offerman Park – Bensonhurst
Marine Park – Marine Park

So I’ll see you all next weekend for bocce in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge at Bridge Park. Hotness!

Matisse loves bocce, too.

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As many of you already know, Brooklyn Skeptic is chock-full of rabid bocce enthusiasts. This means that we like to get down with the balls & court several times per week. We’ve got needs, you know?

Up until recently, our bocce playing arenas were limited to two bars – Floyd NY and Union Hall. But what happens when a normally free game ends up costing like $50 in beer money? Or when the bartender knows you better than your own family? Or when there are seas of douchebags teeming over the court, their high heels and guido-boots pockmarking the delicate surface? Or when it’s like 6:00 in the morning?

Well, in that case, you haul your ass to Target, pick up your very own set of bocce balls and head over to Carroll Park. The park has two regulation size bocce courts which are like twice as wide and another 20 feet longer than the indoor courts. The extra space and the inability for the balls to roll lead to some creative hurling methods. Additionally, the courts are filled with STD-infected sand, not dissimilar to what you might find on the banks of the mighty Gowanus. You’ll love it.

After we played in the lower STD court, we realized that there is a really nice, fenced-in court just above it. It’s all smooth and raked. Maybe you should try that one out. I’m still picking syringes out of my flip-flops from the other one.

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….discovering something that thousands of people before me already know about.

Wow, it’s been a long time since I quoted The Simpsons. But there you go.

BrooklynSkeptic has recently unearthed MORE free summer concerts at the MLK Jr. Concert Series!

Where? Wingate Field, Brooklyn
Who? Oh, nobody important, just a little group called BOYZ II MEN!! I don’t know about you, but that is certainly enough to make me hunt down my seventh grade crush and ask him to stiff-arm slow dance with me. j/k, mooseknucks. I’m down on bended knee.

Catch Boyz II Men (though it’s important to remember that they still think of themselves as a legitimate group, they’re down to 3 members, and who knows how their cooleyhighcanharmonize without Michael McCary – who, I just learned from Wikipedia, left the group because of chronic back pain from scoliosis. So sad!) with special guest Ruben Studdard (he’s getting around this summer!) July 23.

And don’t miss out on old skool night tonight! Featuring MC Hammer, Slick Rick, Doug E Fresh, and MC Lyte! Oh shit! I remember so clearly buying MC Lyte’s cassingle and feeling so fucking cool. That show will be the shit, no doubt. Boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


7/16: Gospel night with Fred Hammond
7/23: Boyz II Men!!!!
7/30: Caribbean night with The Mighty Sparrow, Machel Montano, Morgan Heritage
8/6: Lauryn Hill, Sean Kingston
8/13: Mystery Night(??)
8/20: Classic soul with The O’Jay’s and The Spinners (that will be a fun one)

Meanwhile, over at the Seaside Summer Concerts….

Where? Asser Levy/Seaside Park in Coney Island!!! Across the street from the NY Aquarium.

Who? The highlight of this show is the B52s on 8/9. Also AIR SUPPLY on 7/19, if you’re into that sort of thing. And I’m pretty sure you are.

7/12: Tommy James & The Shondells, Jay Black
7/19: Billy Ocean, Air Supply
7/26: The Turtles, Felix Cavaliere’s Rascals, The Zombies, Country Joe McDonald
8/2: Mystery Night
8/9: B52s
8/16: Mystery Night again!!
8/23: salsa by the sea with Gilberto Santa Rosa

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McCarren Pool is also hosting a series of outdoor films, in case there weren’t already enough:

  • July 3 – Bring It On

  • July 10 – Dazed and Confused

  • July 17 – Three Kings

  • July 24 – Repo Man

  • July 31 – Night of the Hunter

  • August 7 – Ladies and Gentleman The Fabulous Stains

  • August 14 – Bonnie and Clyde

  • August 21 – Purple Rain

These are on Tuesday nights, and I bet if you planned it right, you could see a free outdoor movie in Manhattan or Brooklyn every night of the week. Although these don’t have the view that the Brooklyn Bridge Park series has, it’s still a great selection of movies.

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Happy June! Even though we aren’t in school anymore our biological clocks are still wound up so that when the summer sun hits us, we are ready to party! And hang out! Outside!

To help you out, here are some of the schedules that I will be checking on all summer:

Rooftop Films – I haven’t heard of any of the movies, so this is a guaranteed hipster hot spot. Bonus, we get to watch movies on top of the Old American Can Factory in Gowanus!

South Street Seaport – Tonight there are some Pitchfork faves I’ve never heard, but it will probably be a good time! August 17 features The National, while July 19 showcases BrooklynSkeptic fave Ruben Studdard!! 10 bonus points if we see Ryan Seacrest and Teri Hatcher there.

Union Pool Parties – Williamsburg venue. August 12 see Ted Leo & The Thermals.

Celebrate Brooklyn! – Season starts out with the Neville Brothers on June 12. On June 16 take your 7th grade girlfriend to see Joan Osborne. On June 22 Ralph Stanley will be there, who I remember because I bought his CD for my parents after “Oh Brother Where Art Thou.” July 12 see some Irish stepdancing. August 9 see the Big Sleep and the Hold Steady. Yay Brooklyn!

Hudson River Park – Rumble on the River, River Flicks, Moondance, and Blues BBQ! Hudson River Park has a bunch of stuff going on. June 21 see outdoor boxing on the waterfront (that’s the rumble part). August 1 see Stripes (that’s the flicks part). July 15 break out the saddle shoes you bought during the craze in the 90s and swing all nigth with George Gee and the Jump, Jive, and Wailers! (that’s the Moondance part) August 19 eat BBQ and listen to the blues. I don’t know which part that is.

Central Park Summerstage – Apples in Stereo on June 16, Wyclef Jean July 8, Cafe Tacuba July 14, Decemberists and Grizzly Bear July 16, Human Giant (what what homegrown!) and Demitri Martin (reckles, now’s your chance!) July 19, Neko Chase July 20, Rufus Wainright August 19 (busy summer for you, reckles)! Whew, it’s not a bad line-up.

River to River – A veritable buttload of things going on all over Manhattan including Puerto Rican Power, Nuremberg: Nazis Facing Their Crimes, New York Review of Science Fiction, Annual Vintage Police Car Show, American Ballroom Theater’s Dancing Classrooms Colors of the Rainbow Team Match Grand Finals (johnbaptisedme, we’re there), Martha Wainwright (big summer for that fam), New Pornographers July 4, Spoon July 11, Battles & Deerhunter August 31. And a whole buttload more. You can bet your patootie.

HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival – Annie Hall June 18 (reckles, obv), Psycho August 18 (my dad, obv).

Movies with a View at Brooklyn Bridge Park – Princess Bride! Muppets Take Manhattan! Hair! West Side Story! It’s literally as if ninth grade me designed their summer schedule. Another cool thing about these films is that instead of preview, they show short films from local artists before the feature. Also, June 21-23 is the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

Summer on the Hudson – July 7 see the 2nd Annual NYC Main Squeeze Accordian Festival! I can barely believe I missed the first annual, but you can bet I’ll be there this time. North by Northwest July 11, Caddyshack August 8 (not my fave, but I know a few people who like that sort of thing), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid August 22 (what a great one to watch outside!). Yeah! Not a bad line-up.

Socrates Sculpture Park – I’ve never been here, but their website is way artsy. Motorcycle Diaries July 19, and other things I’ve never heard of.

How’s that for extensive? You guys totally owe me.

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I will admit my interest in politics, especially here on the blog, is not based on the need to know what’s going on in my government. Basically it’s just reveling in the soap-opera of it all.

And luckily Alberto Gonzales keeps on giving. The best part of his hearing on Thursday was his terse exchange with Senator Specter. These two guys are roughly on the same team, and so Gonazales thought this would be a great time to just let his annoying-ness shine. Read more for my in depth analysis of Gonzales in his finest hour:


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