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“Blades of Glory” is mad, fucking funny. Will Ferrell dons a Neil Diamond like wig, and if you ask me hasn’t been so “on the money” with his comedic timing in quite sometime. John Heder utilizes his Mormon skills to create a funny, fairy-like ice skater. Amy Poehler….I could actually take or leave her character. But Will Arnett is great, as expected. All around A+ cast. Not to mention the fact that the story centers around figure skating, the greatest sport in all of history. Love the figure skating. I even took lessons at age 9. I was unstoppable, until I quit at age 9.5. Fourth grade was a rough period for me. Anyway, to give you some perspective, I’d say Will Ferrell’s character is like an exaggerated version of 1994 Olympic Bronze medalist Phillippe Candeloro:

But since you probably don’t know who he is (losers), I guess Elvis Stojko is a better comparison:

Except not really. Oh, I suppose an even better example would be D.B. Sweeney’s character, Doug Dorsey, from 1992’s “The Cutting Edge”:

This photo is not a very good representation of the likeness between Will Ferrell’s character and D.B. Sweeney’s. But surprisingly, the internet isn’t exactly swimming with badass fig-skating action shots from “The Cutting Edge.” So I instead decided to use an old head shot of Deeb Sween.

In any case, I give “Blades of Glory” five triple salchows and a back flip. Go see it.

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