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One of the most surprising things about “growing” up, and getting into the “real world”, was that adults are still children.

At work I have to set up seating charts because some people don’t like sitting next to others, or they will end up squabbling over something.

This was surprising. Adults still need seating charts?

I’ve come to accept this notion. But I’m saddened that the expectations are that a whole state can act like a child. Florida, I’m looking at you.

Whiney Baby

I will agree that the process needs revision, the super delegates and wacky time schedule…but this is the gamble you crazy kids took. You knew if you did this you’d be put in time out and grounded, and you acted out anyways.So the answer isn’t to mope in you room and not go and vote in November. To “punish” the DNC for not giving in. The answer is to be adults and vote for the person you want when the actual general election is taking place, You can blame mom and dad…and Howard Dean…all you want but let’s just try to grow up for a second.


p.s. Florida, if you mess this one up again…I’ll take away your phone privileges and believe me it will hurt you more than it will hurt me.

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As you may already know, it is election season! In this, the most exciting of electoral times, what can we, as Brooklynites, expect to pull the lever or flick the tab for (or against)?

On November 6, 2007 Brooklyn will (or will not) vote on:

Justice of the Supreme Court – 2nd Judicial District, Vote for 4

These justices will serve 14 year terms, or until they reach 70. They generally hear cases outside the authority of the lower courts such as civil matters beyond $25,000, divorce proceedings and criminal prosecutions of felonies.

Surrogate Judge

These courts handle cases involving the affairs of the deceased. Spooky! They, like the justices, serve 14 year terms or until they are 70.

Judge of the Civil Court – County-wide, Vote for 4

They serve 10 year terms and decide Small Claims and Housing Court. If you are considering withholding rent from your negligent landlords or your good-for-nothing tenants are refusing to pay just because of a few bits of asbestos and lead paint falling into their kitchen, look for these judges in Housing Court!

Member of the City Council – 40th Council District

40th District is Flatbush. The rest of the City Council is elected but a few districts across the city are having special elections to fill open seats. 40th District is voting to replace Yvette Clarke, who has gone on to become Congressional Representative for NY’s 11th District! Woo hoo! Flatbush Gardener mentions a candidate’s forum, but it’s hard to find any real info on their positions or differences.


Map from Flatbush Gardener on flickr.

Judge of the Civil Court – 3rd Municipal Court District

Dem. Dawn Marie Jiminez runs uncontested.

Judge of the Civil Court – 5th Municipal Court District

The 5th Munipal District includes Bath Beach, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Boro Park, Dyker Heights, Kensington, Sunset Park, Windsor Terrace.

This is the race to watch {especially if your (my) default is voting for a Dem. on a small-scale race you know nothing about}. In this one is Dem. and former Bklyn Councilman Noach Dear running as a disgraced non-practicing attorney who didn’t get approved by Brooklyn or NYC bar associations on his candidacy, versus Repub. Jim McCall. Read the NY Daily News story for more deets.

Judge of the Civil Court – 6th Municipal Court District

Dem. Katherine A. Levine runs uncontested.

Proposal Number 1, An Amendment

This amendment will allow the town (hamlet) of Raquette Lake to (continue to) access some water in Long Lake, which is in state forest land. I don’t think anyone’s really against this. Other than maybe some beavers and otters and stuff. Think of their adorable protests and paw-printed petitions!

Gotham Gazette has a teaser for their last minute voter guide, but it jumps to info on last September’s election! They have promised an up-to-date posting on Nov. 4th.

The pdf file from the NYS Board of Elections site that is supposed to list the candidates for these positions is mysteriously blank! A conveniently paid for oversight by a crooked campaign? Or a careless oversight on an election that no one except the schoolkids who get the day off cares about? You decide!

(By Googling some other stuff I found a proper copy of the list here.)

(A special shout out to Brooklyn Eagle for at least knowing some of the candidates names, and the League of Women Voters, whose brochure was the only complete list of seats up for election that I could find.)

(And finally, does anyone know where to find a listing of which municipal districts are which neighborhoods?)

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New Yorkers who are registered with a party (Republican, Democrat, etc.) can vote in the Primary Elections on September 18, 2007. You should have already received notification from the Board of Elections about this if you’re eligible, but a nice reminder never hurt anyone.

I think it’s mostly Board of Ed and that kind of shit for this election, but it’s always fun to stretch your democratic muscles for the real thing (November 6, 2007).

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