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Throughout the summer and fall I became accustomed to eating locally grown foods thanks to the Park Slope CSA. Everything I got was fresh, tasty, affordable, and environmentally sustainable. I felt connected to the farm and the farmer, and interestingly, to my neighbors in Park Slope. Overall, it was an immensely positive experience.

Sadly, we are now in the hideous throes of winter (never mind that it’s 60° outside today) and while the land rests in a barren, tundra-like state, the CSA is on hiatus. So what’s a girl with an affinity for local food to do?

Leda, a New Yorker who’s put herself on a local food diet, has compiled a handy online resource for folks in the NYC area who are looking for specific products that are locally grown or raised. So, if you want some flour or cheddar or eggies from producers less than 250 miles outside of the city, this is the website for you.

On a side note, my main man Michael Pollan has a new book out called “In Defense of Food.” I’m about half-way through and I love it and I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it soon.

Ooh baby, you look good.

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