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It’s time everyone learned the REAL story of Christmas. Here’s a documentary that explains the true meaning of the holiday season.

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Due to my wanting to make this site as gay as possible, I’d like to wish Mr. Zac Efron a Happy Birthday. He turns 20. (You know, 20 is only 4.5 years younger than me. I’m just saying. I could totally be his beard.)

He’s like a puppy.

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Who’s ready for a Spice Girls comeback? Come on, raise those hands high…….?

Well, SOMEone is ready. And someone upstairs (at Victoria’s Secret) loves those girls. Their new ‘greatest hits’ album will be distributed EXCLUSIVELY at Victoria’s Secrets stores worldwide.

Wow. That is some deal. Why? Melanie B. explains…

“They do great bras, and every girl wears a bra. And they should – at some point in their life. Unless they don’t need to wear one,”

Yes! Well put, Scary.

You know, when I read this I ignorantly thought to myself, greatest hits? Why, they couldn’t have more than that one album which would by default be their greatest hits!

WRONG! Once I had done my research, I found that their extensive discography includes, in addition to their obvious hit Spiceworld, Singalonga Spice, the karaoke album, Viva Forever CD1 Enhanced, and Forever. Not to mention their DVD catalog: Zig-a-zig-Ahhh the unauthorized DVD. And Spice World. Obvs.

Then for a while I thought they were doing REALLY well, and even had their own channel. (NSFW) I was a little mistaken on that one.

But bringing your attention back to the original People article on this phenomenon, aptly titled Bra Power!!… they offer more news:

The partnership also extends to television: Baby (Emma Bunton), Ginger (Geri Halliwell), Scary (Mel B.), Sporty (Melanie C.) and Posh (Victoria Beckham) will perform during the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which tapes in Los Angeles on Nov. 14 and airs on CBS Dec. 4.

Posh is the only with whose name is live-linked! That a harsh commentary by the heartless bastards at people.com. scary-eddie.jpgscary-eddie.jpg


Scary is saying to herself, did I have Eddie Murphy’s illegitimate baby for nothing?


Ginger is saying, did I launch my solo career and get nominated for THREE Brit awards for nothing?


Baby is saying, did I appear on Strictly Come Dancing, the British precursor to Dancing with the Stars, for nothing?


Sporty is saying, did I record a cover of I Want Candy that peaked at no. 24 on the British Charts (um, ??) for NOTHING?!?!?

Please, People.com, do not ignore the successes and failures of the girls. They work hard for their lost fame. Even if they’re not scientologists, they are still worthy of html links in their names.

So I applaud you, Spice Girls of yore! But ladies, go with what you know! What the shit kind of promo shot is this? You need some pigtails, tube tops, and open screaming mouths, stat. See you at Vicky’s!



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It has been a fun month for health and the current administration. Let’s just go over some of the more recent news! stem cell alternatives

A couple weeks ago, Bush rose to the defense of embryos everywhere and vetoed the second stem cell research bill from congress. But just to prove that he still likes everyone with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Lupus, he issued an executive order to “encourage” non-mini-baby stem cell research. He proudly gave his support for these alternative methods with a big thumbs up (while neither offering funding nor new avenues of research).

Then early last week the surgeon general also claimed that the Bush’s administration sought to “weaken or suppress important public health reports,” so research and general information on topics including secondhand smoke, global warming, AIDS, contraception, and stem cells were all altered to fall better in line with the current opinion of the Bush administration. Traditionally, positions such as the surgeon general (and attorney generals) have sought to be beyond the political fray, to better serve the public. Luckily these topics affect very few people. It’s not like public needs more scientific information on global warming, std prevention, or smoking. Who would that help? My personal favorite part of this story is the White House’s spokesman’s response: “It’s disappointing to us, if he failed to use this position to the fullest extent in advocating for policies he thought were in the best interests of the nation.” So the White House’s response to the surgeon general’s accusations of them bullying him: “Grow a pair”

Hearing from the surgeon general that the administration officials wanted to water down more negative information on secondhand smoke, comforted me with the idea that the tobacco lobby is still doing well. Before this I thought TheTruth.com won. Speaking of which, I’m sure the tobacco lobby has no influence on the White House’s disapproval the proposed $1 tax hike on cigarettes. This bill is set to support The Children’s Health Insurance Fund by adding $50 billion to the fund over 5 years, as opposed to Bush’s proposed $5 billion. In fact Bush “denounced the Democratic proposals as a step toward ‘government-run health care’ for all”. Truthfully, I’m just amazed that someone can have gumption to spend an estimated 1.2 trillion dollars on a war, while “denouncing” a $50 billion effort for children’s insurance and the idea of universal health care…while offering little alternative. Kudos to you sir!

*A fun and interesting thing to note from the second nytimes article, was that the surgeon general was discouraged from going to the Special Olympics because of politics (the Kennedy family’s involvement). I didn’t really think this was news because Bush has always had a rocky relationship with the mentally disabled.



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Celebrities have a lot of money. They also like getting political. These two things go together well. A list of celebrity donations was released and, I know, it’s a surprise: most money was given to Democratic candidates.

To start, Hillary made a killing. Everyone from Fran Drescher to Tom Hanks opened their wallet to Mrs. Clinton, dishing out thousands. Hell even Pauly Shore and George Takei donated a grand apiece. Tobey Maguire, with plenty of SpiderMan cash to throw around, gave the legal limit ($4600). Then, there’s Chris Dodd. Poor, poor Chris Dodd. You know your campaign isn’t going too well when all you’ve got is the guy from Third Rock from the Sun and someone named Christy Romano, who is listed as the “voice of Kim Possible.”

Next up, John Edwards scored a good amount, most notably $500 from Oliver Stone, which seems a little strange. I would have guessed he’d give money to Gravel. In fact, the two seem so delightfully loony that one would think they were related. Mike Gravel however, got $700 from Mark Ruffalo, shaving a couple hundred off of the ninety bagillion dollars of debt he’s in. Obama kicked a little ass, even getting the Tom Skerritt donation. As we all know, Tom Skerritt has an incredible influence over the United States. As Skerritt votes, so does the nation. In the political world, this is called the “Skerritt Pull.”

Kucinich gets several actors, including Rosario from Will & Grace (Shelley Morrison), the woman no one liked on Baywatch (Alexandra Paul) , someone from Days of Our Lives (Deirdre Hall) and Hector Elizondo, the prostitute-friendly hotel owner from Pretty Woman. Bill Richardson scored big bucks, definitely getting the “old Hollywood” vote with people like Michael Douglas, Paul Newman, William Friedkin and James L. Brooks.

And finally, Pauly from Sopranos and Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie gave to Giuliani. Meanwhile, all Republican candidates other than Giuliani have not received a dime in donations from anyone, and are collectively breaking open their piggy banks and checking couch cushions for loose change.

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