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Two new movie teasers appeared online today.

1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: After premiering on Good Morning America this morning, Indy 4 has an official online teaser. And it is actually pretty damn solid. First of all, they deal with his age. The question that has been on everyone’s mind is definitely brought up within the first minute of the teaser. And no, I don’t think he looks too old. At least he looks less ridiculous that Stallone did in Rambo. Secondly, Karen Allen is in it. Between Kate Capshaw’s annoying love interest in Temple of Doom and the scary Nazi chick from Last Crusade, Karen Allen’s Marion from Raiders has always been the only woman for Indiana. Thirdly, I think there might be aliens in it. It has to do with Roswell, New Mexico. Fourthly, Cate Blanchett plays a crazy Nazi-ish goth chick. With a screenplay by David Koepp (Spiderman) and George Lucas and Spielberg directing, this could actually be a pretty good movie. Did I mention aliens?

2. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: A group of girls, some of whom wear magic pants, some of whom do not. Note: There are no aliens in this movie. Only pants.

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